10 Craziest Fan Theories About Futurama

5. Nibbler Is Hiding Something From Fry

Going back to "The Why of Fry" -- Nibbler reveals to Fry that, due to the lack of a delta wave in his brain, he is immune from the attacks of the Brainspawn and therefore, must save the universe from them. It's a pretty heavy bomb dropped on Fry, but it's also an important plot point -- not only is Fry revealed to be humanity's greatest hero, but his ultimate motivation for saving existence is his love for Leela. Peelified user Nerd-o-rama takes an extra-close look at an exchange between Nibbler and two fellow Nibblonians when Fry is told of his destiny:
Ken: Does he not know? Nibbler: He does not know. Fiona: He knows not? Nibbler: Knows not does he. Nibblonian: Not he know--
It seems like a throwaway joke, but why would Nibbler wait to tell Fry the truth, despite the fact that the other Nibblonians would have thought he would already do it? Is there a reason? Does Nibbler have a sinister motivation? Plausibility: Low. This seems like a throwaway joke because it is, simply a tongue-twister to amuse the audience. However, taking a pedantic viewpoint, there's no way to prove that the Nibblonians weren't talking about something else altogether that Nibbler should have told Fry -- maybe the dangers of time travel, which Nibbler knew so well in Bender's Big Score? It's a rabbit hole!
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