10 Craziest Fan Theories About Futurama

6. Nobody Ages Due To Radiation From The Planet Express Ship

Remember in "I, Roommate" (Season 1, Episode 3) when Fry sticks his head in the Planet Express ship's jet engines, alleging that the exhaust dries his hair and gives him "great lift"? There may have been more to it than hair maintenance. In another video, KMARK TIME notices that Fry's behavior results in his face looking refreshed as well as his hair, and hypothesizes that the radiation from the ship allows the characters to maintain a youthful appearance, despite time passing on the show. The reason for this? The mysterious dark matter than fuels the ship has strange properties that prevent the characters from ageing. The main characters are, of course, affected, due to their close proximity to the ship, but other characters (such as Cubert and Dwight) are as well, due to coming into contact with the ship. Plausibility: Very low. Time is explicitly mentioned on the show - Futurama adheres to a "1000 years in the future-from-airdate" timeline, and Fry's thawing takes place just before January 1, 3000 - but it's not likely there's a scientific explanation for the lack of ageing (especially not one that needs to be applied to minor characters in logic-bending fashion). Like The Simpsons, Futurama just has a sliding timeline, and it's best not to analyze it too much.
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