10 Craziest Fan Theories About The Simpsons

But who really, really shot Mr. Burns?

You can't make 550 episodes without inadvertently inspiring a few fan theories. Over the last 25 years fans have fallen in love with Americas favorite yellow family (and out of love in recent years!) and with episodes replayed on a daily basis in just about every country in the world, it's hard not to truly immerse ones self in the multi-layered world of Springfield. As a result, many of the shows most diehard fans have began to notice things upon repeat viewings that may have gone over our heads. Out there on the internet there's countless musings and links made by diehard fans. These fans have used... oh lets call them "clues" found in episodes, as well as their own imaginations to put together answers to several of the shows unanswered questions. For example why are the Simpsons really yellow? Where is Springfield actually located? Who really, really, really shot Mr Burns? And did somebody say 9/11 conspiracy? In the interest of fairness we intend to present these theories with complete objectivity, and to be honest some of them are actually pretty compelling. But please don't feel like you're being forced to believe anything. After all, that's probably what THEY want you to think!
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