10 Craziest Fan Theories About The Simpsons

8. The Simpsons Predicted 9/11

Our final "Simpsons Predicted It" theory, this one is debatable, but then conspiracy theorists thrive on debates. The opening episode of Season 9 "The City Of New York Vs Homer Simpson" sees the Simpsons head to New York City to track down Homer's lost car. Throughout the episode Homer makes it clear on numerous occasions that he hates New York and everyone in it, and the Twin Towers are featured prominently (Homer's car is parked between them). And the above image is the most curious scene of all. The episode first aired in 1997 (there's that year again! It's all connected we tells ya!) a full four years before the terrorist attacks on New York and was actually pulled off the air for over five years out of respect. And even when it returned to our TV screens, it was heavily edited. Still we have to admit $9 is a suspiciously low price for a bus to New York!
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