10 Craziest Fan Theories About The Simpsons

7. Springfield Exists Outside Of Time And Space

Springfield Ever wondered what state Springfield is in? Or why nobody ever seems to age? Well this idea known as the "Tesseract Theory" suggest that Springfield is actually an isolated town existing outside of the space time continuum. That is to say that the town and all of it's residents are permanently trapped in a floating timeline where everyone stays the same age and the world ages around it. While the Simpsons and their many supporting characters have stayed the same age for twenty five years, we have seen glimpses of the world outside of Springfield mirroring our own at the time. George Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have all occupied the Oval Office on the show, indicating the passage of time. Celebrities ranging from movie stars to singers have all made their way to Springfield, where they are recognized for their real world achievements. In Season One, Bart tried smuggling a Walkman into church. Now every child in Springfield has a Smartphone. The Simpsons have evolved with the times, but they have not aged. This theory explains why everyone is apparently immortal (except for Maude Flanders and a few others) and why Springfield is impossible to locate on a map. The Simpsons are actually living in some form of supernatural purgatory where the laws of time and space do not apply.
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