10 Craziest Moments In The Walking Dead

The zombie apocalypse can get pretty wild...

Anybody who started watching The Walking Dead all the way back in October 2010 knows that Rick Grimes and his crew of zombie killers haven't exactly had it easy. In fact, although the show is centred around the zombie apocalypse, smashing hordes of walkers has been the least of their troubles for the most part. Not only have they had to worry about flesh eating creatures who seem to be hiding behind every closed door, they've also had to battle cannibals, a one-eyed megalomaniac head collector and frictions within their own groups. The last five seasons have been a hell of a ride, filled with twists, turns and plenty of blood and guts too. However, with so much going on it can be tough to process some of the more insane moments that have happened since the show began. With the sixth season starting on October 11th - mark that date down in your calendars €“ now is the perfect time to go back through all 67 episodes of the award-winning series and pick out the 10 most jaw-dropping, heart pounding moments so far.

10. Glenn Becomes A Badass

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C1kAsxx9uU Although it's set in the zombie apocalypse, which obviously isn't a place filled with laughter, there had to be a character who gave the audience some comic relief on the odd occasion as a pallet cleanser. For the first two seasons that job belonged to Glenn. From his awkward sexual fumbles with Maggie in the pharmaceutical store to his exasperated response to Daryl calling him Chinese (he's actually Korean), we all knew Glenn was a cool character but he wasn't a gunslinger like Rick, Shane or Daryl. However, in season three that all changed. While on a store run to get baby formula for Judith, he and Maggie are kidnapped by Merle and taken to Woodbury as prisoners. After being tortured and beaten while tied to a chair, Merle decides to finish Glenn off by letting a walker eat him alive. Glenn, however, shows everyone that he's not willing to die that easily and literally fights the zombie off with both hands tied behind his back before pushing a piece of the broken chair into its brain. If that wasn't cool enough, the scream of anger he let out after piercing the zombie's face is probably the best moment of all. From that moment, Glenn changed from a boy to a man and was willing to get his hands dirty with the other members.

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