10 Crazy Things Louie Did That Could Never Happen On Another TV Show

Life can be both profound and a little weird in the Louie universe.

Louie is one of the finest shows on TV at the moment. It's blend of toilet humour and surrealism, while its cinematic style (each scene is filmed as if it's a short film) has won the critics over, even if viewing figures remain relatively small. It is consistently named among the greatest shows of the 2000s, and even as one of the best comedies of all time. Unique among TV shows, in that the TV channel that funds it has no idea what they're paying for until it's already been made, total creative control was demanded by Louis CK if he was to create the show - and the viewer can tell. The show manages to switch from tender to gross from scene to scene and its never jarring; it always works out just right. The adult jokes come thick and fast, but there's a real humanity there, as the central character is grounded by his kids and the responsibilities of being a father, as well as the unseen, unglamorous aspects of being a touring comedian. With Louis CK one of the top comics in the world right now, total creative control has allowed him to create something unique on television, and often the viewer senses some of the stuff caught on camera would never have happened on another TV show because it's too odd, or doesn't further the story, or is just completely crazy and 'out there'. Here is a list of those moments: the 10 crazy things Louie did that would never happen on another show.

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