10 Creepiest Star Trek Aliens

These ten creepy Star Trek aliens are guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

GORN Star Trek Strange New Worlds
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Star Trek's writers have long used aliens as a way to explore the human condition. For example, the inclusion of Spock in the Enterprise crew showed that humans in the future had overcome prejudices such as xenophobia. Comparing and contrasting humanity with aliens helped the writers reveal aspects of our society.

The Klingons revealed our own war-like tendencies. The Vulcans showed us the importance of balancing emotions with logic. The Ferengi helped us understand the problems of greed and unchecked capitalism.

Star Trek has also used aliens in its exploration of our fears and anxieties. Some of the fears that have been explored through aliens include loss of identity, loss of emotional control, fear of technology, and fear of death itself. These aliens have included sentient gas clouds, flashes of energy, humanoids with unnerving appearances, and zombie-like cyborgs. With that in mind, here are Star Trek's ten creepiest aliens.

10. Armus

GORN Star Trek Strange New Worlds
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As depicted in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Skin of Evil, Armus was a sentient smear of matter resembling an oil slick that could also take a vaguely humanoid form. In this form, it looked like a colonial mob was interrupted in the middle of tarring and feathering a tax collector.

Armus came into existence when the inhabitants of Vagra II purged themselves of negative emotions and, in a move that doesn't seem particularly responsible, just sort of let them coalesce into a disgusting puddle.

Armus was capable of projecting a force field that could block sensors, transporters, and communications. It could also project energy, use psychokinesis, and teleport people.

Armus caused the crash of an Enterprise-D shuttle and then waited for the rescuers to arrive so it could amuse itself by torturing them. Armus was fond of incorporating its victims into its liquid form and inflicting suffering.

When Enterprise chief of security Tasha Yar tried walking to the crashed shuttle to rescue its passengers, Armus murdered her with an energy blast just because he could.

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