10 Creepiest Star Trek Aliens

9. Salt Vampires/The M-113 Creature

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Salt vampires were a humanoid species native to the planet M-113 that required salt to survive. Their civilization collapsed after the planet’s supply of salt ran out. Federation scientists believed the species had gone extinct after their civilization collapsed. However, at least two salt vampires survived.

The U.S.S Enterprise encountered a salt vampire in the Star Trek episode The Man Trap. It posed as the wife of a Federation researcher on M-113 and then sneaked aboard the ship in the guise of an Enterprise crew member it had killed. This salt vampire later impersonated several Enterprise crew members in an attempt to feed and was killed by McCoy when it attacked Kirk.

As described by Ensign Beckett Mariner in the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode Veritas, a randy Commander Jack Ransom once hit on a salt vampire masquerading as a woman and was attacked when he ignored Mariner's warnings.

Salt vampires lure their victims into a false sense of security by projecting the image of someone trustworthy. They then drain their victim of salt, killing them.

In their natural form, salt vampire's have brownish skin, stringy hair, a suction cup-like mouth full of pointy teeth, and three-fingered hands featuring sucker-like feeding organs.

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