10 Creepy TV Shows & Documentaries You NEED To Stream Today

9. Missing 411 - Prime

American Murder: The Family Next Door

Missing 411 is an exceptionally unsettling documentary available on Amazon Prime. Following the work of investigator and author David Paulides (who used to work in law enforcement), this offering follows on the trails of five children who went missing in the wilds of North America at different times.

Released in 2016, Missing 411 hits high on the creepy scale, as not only does it deal with the unsolved cases of missing children, it also examines some very spooky possibilities and explanations for why and how they vanished.

David Paulides has been, for many years now, investigating the circumstances surrounding unusual disappearances. The cases he has explored, in-depth, have resulted in many published books and in well researched presentations on YouTube. He has a significant following for his work and for trying to find answers to some unsolved mysteries.

The Missing 411 documentary is one of the best when it comes to missing persons cases, and is definitely one to tune in for if you are a Prime subscriber. If you are not subscribed, perhaps check out Paulides channel on Youtube where you can find a wealth of information for free.

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