10 Crossover Events In The Star Trek Universe (Pre-Star Trek Picard)

Star Trek always knew how to appeal to fanboy nostalgia...

Star Trek TNG Unification

These days, we live in a time of shared universes and multi-verses, no one ever stays dead and the hero doesn’t always win.

Star Trek is a series that has grown from a failed pilot, to a struggling show, to a successful movie series and several spin offs – leading right up to today with the launch of the new series, Star Trek Picard. Much is being said about the inclusion of Seven of Nine in STP, as the two characters never came face to face on their respective shows.

However, this is nowhere near the first time that Star Trek has brought several characters from its many different universes into the same screen at the same time. In anticipation of the inevitable meet ups to come, here are 10 Crossover Events in the Star Trek Universe...

10. Geordi LaForge, Star Trek: Voyager

When: VOY: S5, Ep6 ‘Timeless’

Star Trek The Next Generation Geordi

Star Trek Voyager had found its feet following an uneven first few seasons, hitting its stride with the arrival of Seven of Nine in Season 4. With some stellar episodes, the show had risen above the imitation of The Next Generation it was in danger of becoming.

Season 5 saw Voyager explore both darker ideas (‘Night’, ‘Extreme Risk’, ‘Latent Image’) with some of the most fun episodes they had produced to date (‘Bride of Chaotica’, ‘Relativity’), not to mention the TV movie ‘Dark Frontier’ and arguably Voyager’s best season finale, ‘Equinox pt. 1.

Why It Was Great

Having LeVar Burton’s Geordi LaForge appear, albeit in a possible future, solidifies not just Voyager’s supposed return to the Alpha Quadrant in that episode but also celebrates the fact that in this hour Voyager was celebrating 100 episodes. Although his appearance was brief, the image of Geordi captaining a Galaxy-class star ship left a fan-pleasing moment in an already excellent episode.

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