10 Cult TV Shows Taken Too Soon

Cut down before you even had a chance to love them...

The Fades

We’ve all invested time and love in a favourite show only to see it cruelly snatched away by the whims of ruthless executives, fickle schedulers or a lack of fellow viewers who share our passion.

Feeding the great beast of television requires a constant churn of fresh material and for each ten season feast, there are countless aperitifs that slip quietly into its gaping maw with barely a bite, gone too soon. Sure, there are obvious ones that gained a large cult following even after their untimely demise, but those are covered elsewhere, and where's the fun in showering them with love again?

So while the likes of Firefly or Freaks and Geeks get the lion's share of attention when the question of prematurely killed shows comes up, there are some that deserve just as much that never seem to get it...

10. Brimstone

Brimstone movie
Warner Bros. Television

This sci fi show featured the supernatural long before Supernatural. Peter Horton shed his Thirtysomething image as a cop brought back from hell to recapture escaped souls. It was a tale of redemption, a chance to atone for killing the man responsible for his wife’s rapist after the man beat his charges and walked away free.

Stone’s body was covered in tattoos, each a symbol of the damned and each one erased as they were returned from whence they came. The method of dispatch? Destroy the eyes, the windows to the soul.

As Ezekiel Stone, Horton woke up each new day with the same $36.27 he had at the time of his death, he felt no cold, no heat, couldn’t get sick with human disease and stayed in Lori Petty’s motel, answered to the devil as portrayed by John Glover and crossed paths with Teri Polo’s detective. Despite that great cast, the show was sadly cancelled after only 13 episodes before vanishing like one of detective Stone’s tattoos.

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