10 Cult TV Shows Your Friends Bang On About (But You've Not Seen Yet)

Don't you hate being out of the loop? It's time to try and catch up...

Arrested Development Tobias

We all have those know-it-all friends who seem to do nothing but sit in front of the telly, and then lecture you about how awesome a certain obscure show is. Having debates with friends about TV shows is great, but it sucks when you're out of the loop.

It can be easy to miss great shows, with many getting cancelled long before they should be. For the really great shows, their fan base only grows and gets more passionate over time, sometimes with such vociferous demand that shows make a long-awaited comeback.

Netflix, DVD box sets and the internet have made it easier to catch up with shows like this you've missed, but with work, socialising and being a functioning member of society, finding the time to watch absolutely every cult classic can prove really difficult.

For every series of Breaking Bad you stayed up late into the night to watch, there was a Firefly you never quite caught up with. Maybe you loved watching the sprawling societal commentary of The Wire but missed out on humanity's battle to survive in Battlestar Galactica. No matter how much binge watching you do, there will always be something you miss.

Sometimes, even the most fervently talked about show will pass you by for one reason or another,€” which is what will have happened with a lot of these ten shows for many of us.


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