10 Cult TV Shows Your Friends Bang On About (But You've Not Seen Yet)

10. Pushing Daisies

Brookeside's Anna Friel may have been a surprising choice to play the romantic lead in an American fantasy comedy drama series in 2007, especially one about a man with the power of resurrection, but she was one of the key reasons that Pushing Daisies was such a delight.

The show's main character Ned is a mild-mannered pie maker, gifted with the power to reanimate the dead. His powers have limits though -€” while one touch from him may resurrect you, a second will send you back to the grave. This proves particularly problematic when Ned has to bring back his one true love, Anna Friel's Chuck. A love story mixed with a supernatural murder mystery, Pushing Daisies was a treat.

The show was a critical success, garnering rave reviews and winning seven Emmys. Sadly, it failed to find an audience when it aired and was cancelled after just two seasons. As time goes by, more and more people are looking back on Pushing Daisies as a fun show cancelled before its time. You'll have to track it down on DVD to catch it now.


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