10 Dark British Comedy TV Shows That Must Be Seen

5. Monkey Dust

Animation at its bleakest, Monkey Dust takes aspects of British life and turns them into depressing sketches that you can't help but laugh at. Each episode has varying animation styles throughout as numerous people contributed to the project and this helps to differentiate between the comings and goings of the characters. It's not only the visuals that stand out; the music is also sourced very well, using ambient tracks to chilling effect. The characters change over the three seasons and vary from a man determined to be a first time cottager, insufferable upper-middle class people at a dinner party and the ever popular Paedo Finder General. You really need to watch the show to get a feel for it but I guarantee that you will not be sorry that you did. It's relentless in its satire of Britain and often hits the nail on the head, making you think as well as laugh. The three series are some of the most subversive and engaging animation you will ever see and while it doesn't always work, you'd be mad to miss out on how great it is when it does.
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