10 DC Characters That Need Their Own HBO Max Series

Green Lantern and Batman Beyond are just some of the DC characters who need to be on HBO Max.

Batman Beyond HBO Max
Warner Bros.

With their success on the big screen, Marvel is expanding their catalogue of cinematic heroes onto the Disney+ streaming service and some characters will be able to have their own miniseries that will connect to the films. Meanwhile, it seems as though DC is being left in the dust ,as the DCEU is in a less than good state. However, HBO Max could change that and more in the months to come.

With a brand new streaming service, DC has the chance to redo their mistakes and start fresh. Instead of focusing blockbuster movies, the comic book company could put all their focus on miniseries, giving their universe more time to breathe.

HBO Max already has a wide array of shows that people are bound to enjoy but with the rights to DC characters, HBO Max has a gold mine under its nose. Handled properly and with the same passion that lies in the comics, DC could finally be guided in the way of success.

DC are titans (no pun intended) in the TV industry, having shows like Flash, Arrow and Supergirl under their wing, revolutionising how heroes are depicted on the small screen. With this reputation, the company may just have the ability to blow any streaming competitor out of the water and showcase a category of characters comparable to - or maybe even better than - those found at Marvel.

But who are the characters that deserve the chance to lead DC on the small screen? Let's take a look...

10. Jimmy Olsen

Batman Beyond HBO Max
DC Comics

Photojournalist Jimmy Olsen has always been an important character in Superman’s mythos. Superman’s best pal has been to some of the most interesting places, covering the most interesting stories in the DC Universe, being at the forefront of events like the Death of Superman.

A character with a rich history, Jimmy almost has a passport to anywhere in the multiverse because his Daily Planet press pass makes him everyone’s go-to photographer.

Olsen is a character that has been portrayed in television before - his most notable appearances being in Smallville (with Aaron Ashmore in the role), and Supergirl, as Mehcad Brooks brought a new definition to the character. With Jimmy already having a history of connecting with audiences, he is perfect for new adventures that take him all through the multiverse.

As Jimmy gets his TV show, we can see a different side of the DCEU. Instead of focusing on a larger than life heroes that are part of the Justice League, the audience can connect to the Average Joe of the DCEU. As we visit places like Gotham, Metropolis and even New Genesis, Jimmy would act as a sort of tour guide as his show could give us little glimpses of these locales, opening up possibilities for future projects.


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