10 DC Universe Fates Worse Than Death

A Jokerised Batman and Darkseid's Anti-Life equation are just SOME of the most awful DC fates.

Batman Who Laughs Robins
DC Comics

By all accounts, being in the DC universe sounds like a dream come true. Even when the really dark stuff is happening, your average DC citizen pretty much never has to worry about any of that really affecting them. Everything will return to normal by the end of the comic.

Unless, of course, you're unfortunate enough to end up like one of the poor souls listed today.

Yes with such a world filled with such a wide variety of magic and monsters, there are of course means of just turning the life of anyone in the DC universe into a constant living nightmare.

Whether it's because you pissed off an eldritch cosmic horror older than time, or you just crossed the wrong supervillain on the wrong day, there are many ways the uplifting and optimistic world of DC can make death seem like a mercy.

The only caveat for this list is that the subject has to technically be alive by the end of it, even if they desperately wish otherwise. Other than that, all bets are off.

10. Being Skipped Through Time

Batman Who Laughs Robins
DC Comics

You gotta imagine being hit with Darkseid's omega beam is already a less than fun time, but at least then it's an instantaneous death.

That was not the fate of poor Batman after Final Crisis.

Instead of being utterly disintegrated, Batman was sent back in time to the dawn of man. Now, living in a world with no bathrooms would be bad enough, but of course that wasn't the end of it. Batman proceeded to get skipped forward through time, one time period after another.

The reasons for this are irrelevant to the current topic, the point is that if this were anyone other than Grant Morrison's Batman - whom the fandom had dubbed "Bat-God" due to his ability to do literally anything - this would suck and it would suck HARD.

Sure eventually you'd find your way back to your original time, but more likely you'd get killed a million different ways a million times over by the many dangers lurking throughout each of the time periods that Batman gets sent to. And since you're stuck in the past, you're a billion years back from when you were born, most likely causing a hilariously wide variety of time paradoxes in the process.


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