10 Deleted TV Scenes We Never Got To See

Bob Newby's fate was originally even more horrifying.


Even the most modest TV series is such a huge undertaking that it's little surprise there are constantly sequences which, for one reason or another, sadly have to be left on the cutting room floor.

With many TV shows being kept to frustratingly strict run-times for the sake of those precious commercial breaks, directors are often forced to "kill their darlings," as the saying goes, and ditch excess material they're otherwise in love with.

Then there are those scenes which are cut instead by a network anxious about the challenging nature of the content, and every so often, the writers themselves might even make the call to erase a scene from the script before shooting begins.

Whatever the reason and regardless of the stage of production these scenes made it to, each would've certainly got fans talking if nothing else.

In most cases you can at least understand why the scene was left out, but in a couple of examples it's basically totally indefensible.

Sadly not even those scenes which were actually filmed have ever been released, seemingly forcing fans to use their imaginations forever more...


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