10 Deleted TV Scenes We Never Got To See

10. The Mad Queen's Motivations Confirmed - Game Of Thrones


Game of Thrones' hurried final season was considered a major disappointment by most fans, with one of the biggest frustrations being Daenerys' (Emilia Clarke) rushed, unconvincing descent into murderous madness, best typified by her merciless destruction of King's Landing.

It's a moment which should've been a shockingly powerful turning point for the series, yet one which ultimately felt unearned and disingenuous.

Though much more work clearly had to be done in order to make audiences buy Dany's turn to the dark side, the recently released original scripts for the final season outline one scene in particular which would've lent some much-needed shade and context to Dany's actions.

While the final version of the sequence doesn't cut back to Dany while King's Landing is being lit up by Drogon, in the script there's a scene where she flies over the Red Keep and gazes upon the Throne Room which, as the script reminds us, her ancestors built.

Dany then notices a Lannister sigil in the Throne Room, serving as a "symbol of everything that has been taken from her," and essentially being what "drives her to fury."

Obviously Dany's turn requires far more fleshing-out than a single scene can ever allow, but this would've nevertheless added clear meaning to a scene which, in its final form, feels oddly weak from a character perspective.


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