10 Disgusting Times South Park Went Too Far

"Dude, this is pretty f'd up right here"

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Did you know that South Park isn't just reliant on biting, insightful, social satire, but that it also dabbles in gross out toilet humour as well? It's true.

Over the years, South Park has deservedly built a reputation for being THE hard-nosed show that will tackle just about any issue, no matter how taboo or outlandish. The creators have always set out to push peoples' buttons, and some storylines revolve around the obscene, the overtly sexual, or truly horrific, so when they say gross out, they really mean it.

Zombies, abortions, bodily functions, unnecessary surgery, demeaning sexualised torture; if it's icky and gross, chances are it's made it in here somewhere.

As you might expect, some jokes will have aged more poorly than others, and some will take things so close to the bone that, in the eyes of many, it will have gone way too far.

Obviously, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and everyone has a different threshold. Still, no matter how tough you might be, or resilient, it's worth taking a moment to consider if certain exploits are too much, even for you.

Here are the absolute worst offenders. Read with caution and then wash your eyes and mouth out with soap.

10. Bloody Mary

south park mr slave paris
Comedy Central

A statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be weeping blood from out its butt.

It's a fantastic parody of the notion that holy relics weeping and bleeding are indicative of something bad happening in the world. From that "miracle" people conclude that these relics must hold divine properties, able to help solve or cure their problems.

That's lucky for Randy who, through a series of events, believes he has the terrible, incurable, disease: alcoholism. Self-confined to a wheelchair, Stan helps his dad reach the statue in order to receive its blessing, which he gets, right in the face.

Blood to the face from the backside is none too pleasant, but, luckily, it seems to work, because through divine intervention Randy manages to stand up and throw away the bottle, declaring: "I'm not going to drink this". Cause for celebration, indeed.

A lot of folks get a bloody dousing, complete with a comical squelchy sound effect. This includes an hilarious scene featuring the Pope, which marvellously parodies the Looney Tunes, complete with music and sound effects.

The Pope declares that it is not a miracle (you have to watch to find out why; it's gross, sexist, and pretty funny), but just nasty.

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