10 Disturbing Fan Theories About Kids' TV Shows

What you thought was a simple cartoon was actually about drugs, nuclear testing, and child soldiers.

The internet is full of fan theories. That's because anyone can watch a show (or a film, or read a book) and come up with their own interpretation. Some people can't help but see conspiracy wherever they go, and will insist that innocent cartoons have been used for decades in an attempt to indoctrinate children to everything from Communism to homosexuality. They are often nonsensical, badly thought out, and go nowhere. But for every nine crackpot theories, there will be one that actually makes sense. And not only does it make sense, but it is frankly terrifying.

Many of us had a favourite TV programme growing up. These were the shows that gave us hours of entertainment, that we themed our birthday parties around, and whose merchandise swallowed our pocket money. For most, they remain an important and distinctive part of our childhood memories. So some of the more disturbing theories could have a knock-on effect that could shed an entirely new light on the shows, and could even ruin our childhoods forever.

Delving into the depths of the internet to dig up some of the craziest and creepiest theories out there. Read on to find out the truth about the Care Bears, Power Rangers, and Fairly Odd Parents. But be aware that you may never look at another kids show in the same light again.


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