10 Disturbing Fan Theories About Kids' TV Shows

8. The Care Bears - They're Based On Voodoo Gods

The Care Bears just want to fill the world with love and be friends with all the children. But could they in fact be representations of Voodoo in the United States? The theory holds that the name Care Bears is based on Carefours, the district of Port au Prince considered to be the capital of the Voodoo world. Their home, the cloud city of Care-a-Lot, is an idealised representation of the holy city of the Loa, the gods of the Voodoo religion.

The theory goes further by drawing a string of similarities in the use of terminology in the show and the religion. The Care Bears constantly want to €˜Share until you care€™, while the Loa are believed to share (possess) the bodies of their worshipers. The Care Bears are identified as the friends, of children the world over, just as the Voodoo Loa are described by their followers as friendly spirits or simply their friends. In addition, the symbols imprinted on the Care Bear's stomachs are said to represent the sigils associated with the Loa.


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