10 Disturbing Fan Theories About Kids' TV Shows

9. The Flinstones - It's Not The Past, It's The Post-Apocalyptic Future

Ever wonder why the entire society in the Flintstones is based on the modern West? The continual references to modern technology, culture, and religion are all modern day, right down to the basic family structures. That€™s because the citizens of Bedrock are actually members of a distant future society. After a series of nuclear disasters, all of Western civilisation has collapsed. Generations later, the survivors have recovered enough that they have their own society modelled on what they remember of the 20th Century.

A secondary, but related, theory holds that the futuristic Jetsons exist in the same world, but that society has become so deeply divided that one group live in an ultra-advanced society while the others live on the fringes without any technology at all. On top of everything else, the talking animals in the Flintstones are actually synthetic creations. Because almost all of the real animals have been extinct for decades, none of the Flintstone characters realise how silly it is that they talk to creatures that didn't even exist alongside early humans.


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