10 Doctor Who Novels That Would Make Great TV Episodes

10. White Darkness

The Seventh Doctor, Ace and New Adventure-originating companion Bernice Summerfield arrive in Haiti 1915 looking for some relaxation, only to discover a team of German spies are trying to use voodoo to create unstoppable soldiers, whilst a centuries old priest is planning to bring his god back to life, a god the time lord recognises as an ancient alien creature from the dawn of the universe. Doctor Who has featured zombie-like beings several times, but it has never gone back to the source of the myth before. This adventure takes our heroes into the heart of the voodoo zombie mythos and irresistibly mixes it with the cosmic horror of H P Lovecraft, another author whose work has been an influence on the show. Think of the Great Intelligence or the Nestene Consciousness as examples of gigantic alien entities that own something to his horrific Elder Gods. Here the creature powering the undead is so powerful that even just stirring in its sleep it threatens the world. The soapy sub-plot about the Doctor and his companions working out their own resentments about each other can easily be jettisoned to streamline the plot. Plus the island of Haiti on the eve of the First World War is an excellent, original setting for an adventure story with its tropical jungles, cross-section of locals and secretive European colonials. Author David A McIntee researches the time and place very well. Surely the programme should be introducing its viewers to the less travelled locations of Earth€™s history, as well as the schoolbook ones?
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