10 Doctor Who Actors Who Appeared In Star Trek

Star Trekkin', across the Whoniverse.

Simon Pegg Doctor Who Star Trek

Given that Star Trek and Doctor Who are two of the longest running Sci-Fi series (spanning over 5 decades), it was inevitable that there would be some squeal worthy crossovers. It's just a shame there's never been a TV event bringing both together.

But there has been some cross pollination - at least in who starred in both shows (and movies, of course).

From major players looking to both antagonise and support to blink and you’ll miss it cameo appearances, many actors have bridged the gap and made their impact in both Trek and Whovian culture.

So set phasers to stunned and grab a fresh pack of jelly babies as we uncover some of the familiar and some less-so voyagers through time, space and the Q continuum.

10. Nana Visitor

Simon Pegg Doctor Who Star Trek

Easily the most famous on the list to Trekkies is Deep Space Nine’s Nana Visitor. Playing the hardened Bajoran Major Kira Nerys for all seasons and only beginning to soften towards the tail end of the shows run, Nana was perfect for a role in more serious Who spinoff, Torchwood (Immortal Sins and End of the Road).

Playing Olivia Colasanto, the granddaughter of one of one of the many ex-lovers of series protagonist Captain Jack Harkness, Visitor brought the same stern strength seen weekly in DS9 along with a genuine concern for her lovesick Grandfather. Tasked with protecting Jack after the events of Miracle Day left him the only mortal man on earth, Olivia went to the extreme lengths of kidnapping the family of Torchwood Alumni Gwen Cooper to the co-operation of Jack and the team.

After explaining her grandfather’s role in events (Angelo Colasanto had been keeping himself alive artificially to inform Jack of the families looking to gain immortality themselves), Olivia was arrested as a traitor to the CIA.

A short but sweet two episode run ensured a memorable appearance for everyone’s favourite Major (Excluding Tom).


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