10 Doctor Who Scenes Where Actors Weren’t Acting

Those Doctor Who moments that are a lot more real than you think...

Doctor Who Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
BBC Studios

For as long as it has been around, Doctor Who has attracted some of the best actors in the world.

Alongside many fantastic series regulars, the show has played host to countless cameos from some of the greatest to ever tread the boards, and has more than put them through their paces.

Slapstick comedy, over-the-top drama, sincere moments of realistic emotion - it's brought out the absolute best in all of them, time and time again.

Sometimes though, no acting is required, and Doctor Who's cameras have captured plenty of authentic reactions over the years.

Actors breaking character, improvising lines, neat little accidents, and many many more have all gone down on set, and, every so often, they make it into the final cut of an episode.

In fact, in a few cases, these glimpses behind the curtain actually enhanced what was going on in the fictional world of time and space.

10. A Surprise Biscuit

Doctor Who Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
BBC Studios

Unlike most other Doctors, it took two full episodes for Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor to meet her version of the TARDIS.

Once The Ghost Monument's plot has wrapped up, Thirteen steps inside her beloved box to find that it has changed significantly since she was a Scottish bloke. While taking in the new set, she wanders around the console, pressing buttons and fiddling with levers.

There's even a foot pedal to play with, which she does. To her great shock (and glee), this opens up a secret compartment, out of which comes... a custard cream?

Production designer Arwel Jones installed this biscuit dispenser as a surprise for Whittaker. He asked her what her favourite biscuit was, and implemented this special feature without telling her beforehand. So, when Thirteen munches that delicious custard cream in the episode? Her look of surprise and joy didn't require much acting on Whittaker's part.

It's a touching story, but we should remind you that eating a random biscuit you find in a drawer probably won't end as nicely in real life.

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