10 Doctor Who Scenes You Didn't Realise Were Tricking You

9. Ace’s Pin Paradox (Silver Nemesis)

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Ace’s bomber jacket is, without doubt, one of the most iconic pieces of Doctor Who costume design ever. But what you probably didn’t realise is that its decorations were in a constant state of flux.

In fact, practically every story she appeared in featured a bespoke variant, with a slightly different assortment and arrangement of pins, patches, and badges.

On the whole, this didn’t cause any continuity problems, but there was one instance where Ace appeared to have inadvertently acquired a pin from her future.

In The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Ace finds an earring belonging to fallen Psychic Circus member Flowerchild and affixes it to her jacket (see above).

However, Ace can be seen wearing this earring during the previous story, Silver Nemesis (see below). So how could she be in possession of something she hadn't yet acquired? What kind of wibbly-wobbly shenanigans are happening here?!

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Well, though The Greatest Show in the Galaxy was meant to be broadcast before Silver Nemesis, the order was shuffled so that Silver Nemesis - the show's 25th anniversary story - was broadcast in the exact week of that anniversary.

It's unlikely that many viewers noticed this detail, but those that did were probably a tad confused.

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