10 Doctor Who Villains Who Should NEVER Return

From the mighty to the not-so mighty, which of Doctor Who's villains should never return.


Doctor Who remains one of the longest-running series on television and currently holds the title of longest running science fiction series in history. It has been running since the 23rd November 1963 and has given audiences some of the best and – let’s face it - worst villains of all time. From the genocidal Daleks to the spine-chilling Weeping Angels, the Doctor has come up against it all, and with a hero as captivating and brilliant as the Doctor, the villains need to meet the same standard, but sometimes this is not always the case.

This list will not only look at the worst Doctor Who villains that should never return, but also the villains that while perfect and brilliant in their own right, have either been over-used or have left such an impression already, that bringing them back would almost be detrimental to their memory.


10. The Abzorbaloff


The Abzorbaloff was a wild card in Doctor Who's pantheon of monsters and villains. Only appearing Love and Monsters, the monster was actually designed by a young fan as part of a competition run by Blue Peter. Viewers were invited to create their own Doctor Who monsters and send them in, with the winners' design being used in the actual show.

Played by Peter Kay, the Abzorbaloff's key characteristic was that it literally "absorbed" it's victims into its body, but the victims themselves were fully conscious and aware- but incapable of escaping. Scary, right? It could have been. Peter Kay was arguably a more menacing character in human form, but the big reveal of his true nature was more laughable than frightening.

It didn't help that the episode's tone was a bit all over the place and inconsistent, with the narrative following Elton Pope played by Marc Warren, who had joined a club made up of people who had all had previous encounters with the Doctor.

Doctor Who has had some quirky monsters before, but seeing Peter Kay run around in a big, green fat suit is not something that needs to make a return.

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