10 Doctor Who Villains Who Should Return For Russell T Davies' New Series 14

Which returning villains should our favourite Time Lord face next?

Doctor Who The Headless Monks A Good Man Goes To War

It's a FANTASTIC time to be a Whovian!

With the recent news that former showrunner Russell T Davies is returning to the show after over ten years, and the recent announcement that Series 13 will debut at the end of October, Doctor Who fans are salivating for new Doctor Who content.

Jumping past Series 13, when Chris Chibnall hands the keys to the writer’s room back to Davies, there will be a lot of speculation about what comes next. Who's the new Doctor? Will the TARDIS get a redesign? How many companions will there be?

However, let's set our sights on the monsters of the Doctor Who universe. Chris Chibnall tried something new with Series 11 by debuting completely new monsters and villains. While some people liked this new direction, many of these original creatures turned out to be very bland.

He freshened things up a bit in Series 12 with the reintroduction of the Cybermen and a new Master played by Sacha Dhawan, but the original monsters still felt underwhelming.

With Davies returning, and his love for Doctor Who on full show, there are numerous villains that could return to the show during his new tenure.

10. The Headless Monks

Doctor Who The Headless Monks A Good Man Goes To War

Steven Moffat had an issue with introducing cool villains and never following up on them during his tenure on the show. Villains like The Smilers, The Dream Lord and The Shakri are all examples of this.

However, one of the biggest examples of this is The Headless Monks. After featuring in A Good Man Goes To War during Series 6, The Church Of The Headless Monks was never explored again during New Who.

The design of the Monks is awesome. The black cloaks and the laser swords make them look incredibly imposing and they play into the horror aspect of the show. This is played up excellently when they kill Dorium Maldovar on Demon's Run.

It would be nice to see the Monks make a return in Davies' new series. Maybe The Doctor could explore the church of the Monks and their home planet. No matter how The Headless Monks return, they would prove to be a worthy adversary for the 14th Doctor.

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