10 Dumbest Decisions Made By Futurama Characters

Was EVERYONE in the 31st century an idiot?!

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There was a wide and diverse cast of characters throughout Futurama, from the old to the young, the human to the mutant to the robot, and the heroes to the villains. Arguably one of the widest spectrums was from the stupidity of Fry to the genius of Professor Farnsworth.

If you weren’t told, you would have had no idea that the two could possibly be related, however there were also times when Fry was surprisingly intelligent, and the Professor was incredibly dumb. The same could be said about just about every character throughout the entire series.

In Futurama, it seemed that normal people could quite easily get their hands on technology, or find themselves in situations that could have easily gone very south very quickly had they not made the smart decision. Unfortunately, there were more than a few times this didn’t happen.

From blowing an inordinate amount of money on a whim, falling for the most painfully obvious scams in the history of the world, and almost destroying the entire universe on more than one occasion, there was absolutely no shortage of idiotic decisions in the 31st century.

10. Planet Express Surrendered Control To "That Guy"

Futurama Bender's Big Score Time Code

What went on in the mind of Professor Farnsworth seemed to alter depending on what episode you were watching. Some days he was a genius, while others he was senile and didn’t even recognise certain members of his own crew. The same can be said about how competent he was at running a company.

At a stockholder’s meeting, Hermes revealed that the company was bankrupt, which of course sparked outrage among the staff. Fry, who had randomly met an '80s businessman that same day recommended him to take over. He didn’t even know his name, and based much of his motion at the meeting on the fact that “that guy” had a tie on.

Most people voted for the Professor to remain CEO, but Scruffy voted his 40,000 shares to the mysterious stranger, and Zoidberg sold his shares for a sandwich. The company almost immediately found itself in even worse shape than it was in before, and was almost sold off to Mom to strip down and remove as competitors.

The only reason Planet Express was saved was because of That Guy’s terminal Boneitis. He was so busy being an 80’s guy in the future that he forgot to cure it, and died a gruesome death before having the chance to cast his vote. This was almost enough to warrant its own entry on this list.

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