10 Dumbest Decisions Made By Game Of Thrones Characters

You know how to break everything, Jon Snow.

game of thrones

One of the main messages that Game of Thrones endeavours to get across is that actions have consequences. This is the same in both George R.R. Martin's source material and David Benioff and D.B. Weiss' television adaptation.

The titular Game of Thrones is played through intelligence, and if you miscalculate one wrong move, you'll end up dead.

On the other hand are characters just being plain stupid, which many of them have been across all eight seasons of the fantasy epic.

Some of these characters are cerebral geniuses that should really know better, and some are just not known for their brains at all, making mistakes often. Either way, the actions on this list had dire and fatal consequences that prove your decisions can be the difference between life and death.

From choosing to marry someone too quickly, to deciding to trust someone you know you shouldn't, or even something as simple as mentioning a piece of information that shouldn't have been shared, there are a variety of dumb decisions across the Seven Kingdoms, and all involved paid for them.

10. Littlefinger Handing Sansa Over To The Boltons

game of thrones

This one does depend on how much credit you're giving Littlefinger. After Sansa forms an alliance with Petyr Baelish, the mercurial former Master of Coin chooses to essentially sell the young Stark girl to the Boltons so she can marry Roose's newly legitimised son, Ramsay.

Where the stupidity comes in is Baelish apparently had no knowledge of Ramsay, somehow implying that the vicious Bolton had failed to garner a semblance of a reputation during his time at the Dreadfort. Baelish hands over one of his greatest bargaining chips and allies to a man he claims he hasn't heard of.

Some may think he did know how sadistic Ramsay was, but there is not concrete evidence for that in the show. After Sansa escapes her new tormentor, any fragile trust she had for Baelish was destroyed and irreparable, which led to his own demise when he tried to cause a rift between Sansa and her sister.

Whatever excuses you try to make for Baelish's decision to hand Sansa over to the Boltons, it directly started a chain of events that ended in his own execution, and for someone so clever, that was pretty dumb.


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