10 Dumbest Things In Doctor Who: The Movie

9. It Premiered In Canada

Doctor Who the TV Movie Paul McGann Eric Roberts
BBC Studios

Doctor Who is a British institution through and through. The show was conceived in Britain. Every actor who has played the Doctor has been British. Most companions are British. The Doctor flies around space in a big British phone box for god's sake!

The whole thing could only get more British if the TARDIS played God Save The King every time it landed.

The TV movie was a radical departure from the show's roots in Blighty, as it had some significant American involvement. Fox co-financed the picture, and the story was set in San Francisco. The film was also intended to attract an American audience.

It would make sense then if the movie received its big premiere on either British or American television screens, but did this happen? No. Canada got there first.

The TV Movie was first screened on CITV in Edmonton, Alberta, two days before it hit American TV and 15 days before it was shown in the UK.

While the movie was shot in Canada, it was strange that it didn't premiere in either of the territories that formed its target audience. UK ratings were decent too, so the saga of the TV Movie could've looked very different had it aired there first.

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