10 Dumbest Villain Plans In TV Shows

These guys really could have done with a second draft.

Sherlock Moriarty Shoots Himself
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Being a TV bad guy isn't an easy job.

Everybody's always out to get you, you always find yourself in the wrong crowd, and you usually end up dying or suffering some even worse fate. It's a hard life.

Furthermore, you have to come up with dozens of different plots and schemes. Who wants to watch a show where the villain doesn't have a dastardly plan? Nobody, that's who.

These ten evildoers were clearly having off-days when they came up with these strategies, as they are ill-thought out at best and downright stupid at worst.

Some are ridiculously overcomplicated to the point where they just wouldn't work in real-life. Some are incredibly risky and would have probably backfired had it not been for the fact that they happened in a fictional world.

And some, to repeat a phrase we used earlier, are just downright stupid. Like, really stupid, leaving you questioning how these people became famous villains in the first place.

The old saying goes that crime doesn't pay - this is especially true when you try and commit crime in the most idiotic way possible.

10. Secondhand Shooter - Viper75 (CSI: Cyber)

Sherlock Moriarty Shoots Himself

The CSI franchise is a relentless beast that must be stopped.

How many of these things are there? How many more cities can a broody lead detective take their sunglasses off in whilst The Who plays in the background? When will the madness end?

Over the course of its many, many, many episodes, there have been hundreds of plans from baddies across the CSI universe. Few have ever been quite as complex as the one Viper75 used in the CSI: Cyber episode Ghost in the Machine.

If you couldn't tell already, Viper75 is a pseudonym used by a player of a fictional online video game. This mysterious man recruits other high-level players in the game to commit real-life crimes for him, sending them weapons in the post to help them.

Just because someone is good at a game online, that does not make them an actual assassin in real life. Also, most of the players Viper75 recruits are teenagers, who are huge liabilities!

All of this is done to murder the witnesses in his father's upcoming trial. The motive checks out, but there had to be a better way that this.

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