10 Dumbest Ways Supposedly Badass TV Characters Died

Talk about underwhelming ways to go...

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Being a badass on the small screen doesn't always guarantee you will go out like one.

No matter what the intentions of the writers or producers are, no character, no matter how popular they may be with audiences, is ever truly safe from a totally undignified exit from the show they feature in.

Sometimes this can be purely down to the way the characters die. Death by poisoned taco might not seem a particularly glorious exit even if it is only temporary, but neither is being taken out during the shows opening credits at the start of a new season.

Characters who have featured from the very first episode of a show might get dramatic or even totally unexpected exists. But do they really do enough justice to the character if they aren't anything but shocking? Even some of the most-watched shows in Television history can be guilty of making oversights when killing off their cast.

The word "dumb" has many applications depending on the scenario, so with that in mind, we've put together a list of the 10 Dumbest Ways Supposedly Badass TV Characters Died.

10. Doctor Manhattan Is Killed The Same Way He Was Created - Watchmen

Supernatural Taco

Damon Lindelof's Watchmen series was a surprisingly solid spot of television for pretty much its entire run at the end of 2019. Until a rather significant death in the season finale.

Dr Manhattan is, in effect, a God as the show demonstrated numerous times. Terraforming Europa and creating his own version of humanity to populate it. Omnipresence via teleportation and creating copies of himself. Omniscience in having knowledge of future events (up until a certain point), and the ability to turn anyone who crosses him into a steaming pile of goo.

On top of this, Manhattan is potentially immortal as every attempt to kill him so far, including Adrian Vecht's effort to reduce him down to his component Atoms in the comics - has failed. Manhattan can reassemble himself even in the face of being undone by the exact thing which created him in the first place. Nuclear Fission.

Even though Lady Trieu might be the smartest individual in the world, her grand plan doesn't really do anything new. Stripping Manhattan down at a cellular level but then absorbing said cells to enhance Trieu's own being is bold, yes, but hardly thinking outside the box.

Which is exactly why Manhattens demise seems so dumb. A character this OP has to have something truly God-tier to take him down. But instead, he is destroyed in very much the same way he was created in the first place, despite surviving similar attempts to kill him in the past.

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