10 Embarrassingly Awful TV Roles Taken By Hollywood Stars

Ryan Gosling Embarrassing No matter how successful an actor becomes, how much money they make or the number of awards they win, they all had to start somewhere. It's always fun to see established actors at their most desperate, struggling through the early days, taking on terrible roles and reading the worst scripts in an attempt to make it. Take a look at some of the most embarrassing TV roles that some of Hollywood's brightest stars willingly agreed to, and decide for yourself if they were really worth taking.

10. Morgan Freeman €“ Easy Reader, The Electric Company

Morgan Freeman Embarrassing Ever since he was a boy, people have enjoyed the sound of Morgan Freeman's voice. Especially his singing voice, as displayed in The Electric Company back in the 1970s. No, not a fly on the wall documentary about a utilities provider, but a show created by the Children's Television Workshop as a sort of Soul Train meets Sesame Street for elementary school kids. Playing a character called Easy Reader, a funky Freeman grooved his way through grammatical constructions (watch below, and I mean, seriously, watch it) complete with afro, headband and flares, with the catchphrase "top to bottom, left to right, reading stuff is outta sight!". Another episode sees him in a classic, Shaft-resembling turtleneck, and another has him seemingly coming onto a female presenter with the rhyme "Miss Jones has nice bones". Slick. His singing voice is actually pretty good, even if most of the song is just him singing "uh, uh, uh". We all know he's cool, so he really doesn't need to continually high five the presenter and dance awkwardly. Still, it's easy to forgive and forget, because it's Morgan Freeman!

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