10 Exact Moments The Simpsons Stopped Trying

It's strange to think The Simpsons used to be good after watching these episodes.

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For years and years, The Simpsons was one of the greatest shows TV had to offer. The Golden Years are still looked back on as some of the best ever animated television, but those days are long behind Matt Groening and co.

There are very few shows that could last for 30-plus seasons and keep their standards as high as they always were, but the fall from grace of the Springfield family is legendary. The gulf in class between its highest points and its lowest points is nothing short of astronomical.

It's difficult to tell exactly when the show began its downfall, though most agree that as early as season nine the show's best days were in the past. Since then it has seemingly gotten worse and worse, however there are some moments that stand out far more than others.

There are certain episodes, stretching back even as early as season four, where it's clear the writers had simply given up. From poorly thought out stories, to selling out for sex appeal, these moments are some of the best examples of the once loved show at its absolute worst.

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