10 Excellent Cartoon Reboots That Surprised Fans

9. Sonic The Hedgehog (1993)

Voltron Legendary Defender

Preceded by another Sonic series by only a few days, this might technically not be considered a reboot, but due to it being created by the same company and coming later in release, it more or less counts (especially if 90s kids have anything to say about it).

Colloquially called Sonic SatAM for its Saturday morning cartoon status, and to differentiate from the sillier, and quite frankly, far inferior series running at about the same time, this Sonic series dealt with serious and exciting stories, centred on a world where Sonic and his friends fight as an underground rebellion against a more threatening version of popular Sonic villain Doctor Eggman, who in this series went by Doctor Robotnik.

With characters like the honourable and capable Princess Sally and loyal and helpful Tails at his side, SatAM's Sonic was a likeable and engaging protagonist, full of himself but still heroic, caring deeply about others.

Apart from the compelling story and memorable characters, the series was also known for its fantastic theme song, a fast-paced and rocking tune which epitomised the action-packed Saturday morning cartoons still going strong in the 90s.

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