10 Failed Comic Book TV Projects That Would Be Awesome Now

Because there aren't enough comic book TV shows around right now.

The Graysons

Years from now, our grandchildren will look back at this time as the golden age of TV. Sure, those future people may have their flying cars and pleasure robots, but at least we have the likes of Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones to entertain us as the long nights draw in. At the very sharpest point of this televisual spear are comic book projects, enjoying a renaissance on the small screen, with the success of shows like Arrow and The Walking Dead, and managing to appeal to both casual audiences and hardcore fans alike.

It wasn't always like this though. There was a time when comic book shows were almost impossible to get off the ground and those that did possessed all the finesse of a Joel Shumacher Batman movie. Without a high budget or the respect of the industry, the majority of comic book shows were tacky, childish affairs that few could take seriously. As a result of this, few survived past their pilot episodes.

That doesn't mean the ideas themselves were bad though. In the right hands, some of these failed comic book TV projects could be awesome now. Just take a look at the 90's Flash program compared with the new version of the Scarlet Speedster. With better writing, smarter storytelling, and more mainstream credibility, just imagine what could've been achieved.


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