10 Failed Comic Book TV Projects That Would Be Awesome Now

10. Witchblade (2001)

Witchblade TV series

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Marvel and DC are the only comic book publishers out there, but then you'd be missing out on a plethora of incredible titles that also deserve recognition. Back in the 1990's, Top Cow and Image were genuine rivals for the Big Two, to the point where Witchblade, one of their flagship properties, quickly made it's way onto TV for two whole seasons.

The show followed the exploits of a NYPD detective called Sara Pezzini who gained supernatural abilities when the Witchblade bonded itself to her. Unlike most heroes who seem in control of their strength, Pezzini often struggled to hone the weapon's power, humanising her in a way that appealed to both critics and audiences alike.

Despite relatively strong ratings, Witchblade was surprisingly cancelled in September 2002. Rumours suggest that lead actress Yancy Butler checked into rehab, putting the show on permanent hiatus. Whatever the reason though, now is the perfect time to reintroduce Witchblade to a wider audience. Arrow has proved that street level vigilantism can be combined with supernatural elements effectively on the small screen and it will be interesting to see a superhero property free of Marvel's and DC's large scale plans.


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