10 Failed TV Series Pilots You Need To Watch

10. The IT Crowd (US Pilot)

When the US version of the Office became a big hit for NBC, the studio executives decided to try and catch the lightning in a bottle again in 2007 by creating a US adaptation of another UK cult-favorite sitcom, The IT Crowd. They cast a pre-Community Joel McHale as Roy, the conventionally more attractive Jessica St. Claire as Jen, and Rocky Carroll as Denholm. Just to make sure that audiences will love this adaptation, NBC even brought back Richard Ayoade to reprise the socially-awkward but funny Moss for this new version of the show. What could possibly go wrong? Well first, it's a little bit hard to believe that the tall, muscular, and handsome Joel McHale could realistically pull off being in IT support. Secondly, the US pilot used a script that was nearly identical to the original UK pilot, resulting in nothing more than a poor American imitation. People may point out that NBC's The Office also used the original UK pilot script, but people also forget that the first season of the Office was very nearly cancelled due to poor reviews and ratings until the writers decided to go their own way. Fortunately, this IT Crowd adaptation didn't progress beyond the pilot due to the 2007-2008 Writer's strike. Unfortunately, NBC have recently decided to take another crack at another IT Crowd pilot. http://dai.ly/xmjpk4
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