10 Failed TV Series Pilots You Need To Watch

7. Live-Action Aquaman Pilot

Before the existence of Arrow, The Flash, and the CW network, there was Smallville and the WB network. Seeing how successful Smallville was and how a specific Smallville episode which focused on an Aquaman-type character was well-received, the WB network decided to jump onboard the Aquaman TV show bandwagon. With a large budget (for a TV production) of $7 million, the pilot was shot in 2006. The show depicts Arthur Curry, a dive shop owner by day but a swimmer with superhuman speed, unlimited lung capacity, and super strength by, well, whenever he feels like showing off. A number of things made the Aquaman pilot stand out. Arthur was characterized as having absolutely no problem with flaunting his powers for his own personal gain, Atlantis and its inhabitants were to make regular appearances, the special effects were considered great (at the time), and crossovers with Smallville were in the works. Despite much promise and positive reception to the pilot, Aquaman hit a few unfortunate stumbling blocks. Upon completion of the pilot, the WB network merged with UPN, forming the CW network we know today. The new CW network proceeded to not order the Aquaman TV series, but the producers were passionate enough about the pilot to release it on iTunes for fans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdPNAQwnQh0
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