10 Failed TV Series Pilots You Need To Watch

6. Zombieland TV Pilot

Before pop culture became over-saturated with zombies and soap operas featuring zombies somehow became amongst television's most watched programs, Zombieland was a quirky and enjoyable little romp that brought a new and fresh twist on the whole zombie thing. But what most people don't know is that the Zombieland concept went through quite a gestation period before and after the film was released. Zombieland was initially conceived as a TV pilot way back in 2005 but those plans did not come to fruition and the pilot was retooled into the movie everyone knows and loves. After becoming a surprising little sleeper hit in 2009, the obligatory plans for a sequel and franchise were underway. Here is where everything (unfortunately) comes around full circle. After years of trying and failing to get Zombieland 2 made, Amazon said 'screw it' and produced their own Zombieland TV pilot. A new version of Zombieland is all good and well, except that the producers decided to cast cheap little-known actors as the exact same characters as the movie. Rather than make the TV show its own thing, the producers basically ignored most of the movie's logic and character development, and gambled on the fans to watch the pilot anyway. Thankfully this backfired and the world was saved from what could've been another shoddy zombie TV show. http://dai.ly/xz6hxs
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