10 Family Guy Episodes That PISSED People Off

Whose idea was it to kill off Brian, anyway?

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Since it debuted way back in 2000, Family Guy has gone on to become one of the most infamous and talked about animated series in TV history. The Simpsons was the biggest name in the game at the time, but Seth MacFarlane began carving out his and his show's legacy with the Griffin family.

As with any TV show, Family Guy changed and evolved as it went on. Though it started out as a series based around a normal dad and his normal(ish) American family, though this one had an evil baby and a talking dog, it soon carved out its own niche.

Normality was left behind, as was the typical cartoon style of humour. Instead, Family Guy started leaning towards offensive humour and shock value for the sake of it. Today it has leaned so far towards this direction that there is rarely anything else to expect from the family on Spooner Street.

With this kind of humour comes the expectation that people will get pissed off. That's the goal in many of these cases, however there are some episodes that took this to another level. There have been times over the last two decades when Family Guy has flirted with crossing a line, and others where it has sailed right past it.

10. Peter Griffin: Husband, Father... Brother? (S3E14) 

Family Guy Turban Cowboy

Most of the episodes on this list have come in the latter half of Family Guy's run as the show found itself relying more and more on offending its audience. This entry from season three however comes much, much earlier.

There was one particular moment in 'Peter Griffin: Husband, Father... Brother?' that ruffled fans' feathers, coming after Stewie spent the episode infiltrating a group of cheerleaders in order to utilise what he thought were their mind control powers.

During a basketball game in which they were to perform, Quagmire stumbled across Cindi in her cheerleader costume, bound and gagged. His response wasn't to help her or to call the police, he instead thought he hit the jackpot. This and the disgusting grin on his face implied that he was about to rape this poor, helpless schoolgirl.

In spite of his womanising, deviant ways, Quagmire proved to be one of the more popular characters in Quahog when the show was first starting out. However, even though fans had come to know him as a gross scumbag, this took his character WAY past what was okay. This moment didn't even pertain to the story on the whole, the writers just included it because they thought it was funny. How wrong they were.

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