10 Family Guy Episodes That PISSED People Off

9. Scammed Yankees (S14E12)

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From one inappropriate, ill-advised sexual act to another. Brian and Quagmire may have had their differences in the past, but at least they share one thing in common. They have both been hated for how they treat their sexual partners, and women in general.

Brian has proven himself time and time again to be a shallow, lust driven womaniser, and while he once tried to chat up Meg while drunk on Peter's boat, he was unforgivable in season 14's 'Scammed Yankees'. Even after moaning about how annoying and disgusting Meg and her friends were, one look at Patty's body had him essentially salivating.

He described what he saw to Stewie who tried to remind him that Patty was still in high school, but Brian somehow took that as a positive. He became obsessed with her, and when Meg called him out as being gross, which he absolutely was, he still continued to try and take advantage of her as if he was doing nothing wrong.

There was a time when Brian was actually a likeable character, but it is episodes like this, where he is an irredeemable pervert who just wanted to use a woman for her body, that makes it hard for fans to remember why.

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