10 Fan Theories That Put Interesting Spins On Your Favourite '80s Cartoons

You'll never look at these cartoons in the same way again.

He Man She Ra

The 1980s undoubtedly saw the peak of children's entertainment. Without wanting to sound like a monotonous, tedious, repetitive and boring old man, cartoons just aren't made like they used to be.

While there was a vast array of weird and wonderful characters and settings in '80s cartoons, the premises were so much simpler back then and therefore so much easier to enjoy (seriously, what the hell is actually going on in things like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon?). Cartoons were also so much more innocent back then.

Or were they? Various fan theories suggest more complex and sometimes more sinister elements were present in these old cartoons. Granted, these are only theories, and you shouldn't look too deeply into them or be overly concerned by them, but they certainly make for an interesting read.

This article is going to take a look at just some of the theories of the fans who grew up watching the cartoons of the '80s and came to realise that perhaps things weren't quite what they seemed in their favourite shows.

On that note, here are ten fan theories that put interesting spins on your favourite '80s cartoons (apologies in advance if any of these end up ruining said cartoons for you).


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