10 Fan Theories That Put Interesting Spins On Your Favourite '80s Cartoons

10. Dr. Klaw Is The Real Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget Dr Claw
DIC Entertainment

There is a very interesting theory about Inspector Gadget that states his arch-enemy - Dr. Klaw - is actually the 'real' version of the character.

To explain further, Inspector Gadget is essentially a man who was injured in an accident and fitted with mechanical parts. But what if he was merely a clone of a real police officer who was injured in an accident?

And what if that officer is Dr. Klaw? So severe were his injuries and deformities (hence why you never see his face) that he was unable to continue as a police officer. However, he was such a good officer that he was cloned and 'improved'.

Dr. Klaw envies his clone and vows revenge on him for taking his place - at least according to one outlandish fan theory.


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