10 Fascinating Facts About Seinfeld

9. They Were Forced To Add Elaine


Seinfeld with no Elaine? Get out! But she originally wasn’t there.

The show's pilot episode only had two, very tiny female roles: A wise-cracking waitress named Claire and Jerry's love interest, Laura. Despite that pilot’s so-so reception with viewers, NBC decided to give the show a chance and ordered four more episodes to be made…on one condition. “You need a girl in the show.” That was the network’s single, non-negotiable note. A female character that was substantial and a part of the key ensemble.

Jerry and Larry embraced that suggestion and concocted the character of Elaine to be Jerry’s plutonic, female friend. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was given the part and made her debut appearance in the subsequent episode Male Unbonding. Audiences warmly embraced the addition as we all know. Elaine isn't only beloved but Louis-Dreyfus received an Emmy and Golden Globe for her performance.

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