10 Fascinating Facts About Seinfeld

8. It's Dangerous To Copy What You See On Seinfeld

Seinfeld Cast

The Seinfeld foursome did plenty of selfish and borderline illegal things throughout the series: Indirectly killing fiancées, stealing from old women, harassing people in airplanes, burning down cabins, and so on. And they never experienced consequences for their actions (until the finale, of course). The same can’t be said for people who attempt Seinfeld-inspired actions in real life.

In 2016, an American man named Brian Everidge was caught trying to return thousands of bottles and cans to Michigan for recycling because they offer the highest rate of any U.S. state. The very scheme which Kramer and Newman attempted in the season seven episode The Bottle Deposit.

What the three of them may not have realised is that it’s illegal to return bottles/cans to Michigan if they were purchased in another state. Everidge was arrested en route to the bottle depository, charged, and faced five years in prison.

While he managed to avoid jail, he was hit with a fine in excess of $1,000. A lesson to us all: Watch Seinfeld responsibly.

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