10 Fictional TV Shows We Wish Were Real

Make it happen!

For some of our favourite TV characters, the idiot box can be as funny, fascinating or infuriating as it is for us. You might find this unsurprising; after all, why should they be able to escape the omnipresent giant eye glowing in the corner of their living room? You might find this strangely reassuring, knowing that they also spend their days obsessively staring at a screen practically validates your own pitiful existence, doesn't it? Or you might feel another meta-induced migraine coming on, wondering how on earth you're going to manage keeping up with the intricate (and at times intertwining) storylines of two shows at the same time. Some programmes find that a show within a show gives them the perfect excuse to laugh at themselves. Others, and especially comedies with a slight superiority complex, use them only to cock a snook at their crude, clich├ęd and catchphrase-based counterparts (please note, 'When the Whistle Blows' will not be appearing on this list). All of which is a long-winded way of saying that many of the greatest shows on TV don't technically exist. And from this pool of trapped TV shows, those clawing at the screen while crying out to be freed and form their own spin-off, here are the ten that we'd most like to see.

Honourable Mention: Everybody Loves Hypnotoad (Futurama)

Although it was tempting to include Everybody Loves Hypnotoad (ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!) on this list, it does raise the question of just how much hypnotic eye-jiggling and incessant humming an audience can endure. While the occasional in-episode flash of the titular toad may be more than enough for some, those who prefer their mind control in teeth-chattering 22-minute instalments would do well to watch the extras on their Bender's Big Score DVD. Besides, everyone knows that the show's been going downhill since season three.
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