10 Fictional TV Shows We Wish Were Real

10. Mock Trial With J. Reinhold (Arrested Development)

George Bluth Sr's ''light treason'' trial draws ever closer but his family still can't seem to get their story straight. And so, at the suggestion of new attorney Jan Eagleman, they appear on a rehearsal for new reality courtroom show Mock Trial with J. Reinhold, hoping that it will serve as good practice for the real thing. But even the show's star, actor Judge Reinhold (after all, who better to play the role of a judge than a man whose first name is actually Judge?) doesn't know what's going on. Who can blame him? The Bluths' statements are sketchy, misleading or just plain weird (Tobias: ''Well, I spent so much time making sweet love on my wife that it's hard to hear anything over the clatter of her breasts...'') and to top it all off, we have William Hung & His Hung Jury performing the show's annoyingly catchy theme tune from inside the courtroom itself. The whole thing is a mess, frankly. Speaking of Franklin, his appearance as a surprise witness really should pave the way for more puppet testimonies. Gaudy and confusing it may be but the trial is never boring. And for that, we have a perfectly game Eighties movie icon and American Idol reject to thank.
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